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If you are follow me then you must have figured it out already that I am a big fan of EA FIFA . This is a game that almost every football fan and player knows and enjoys. You don’t have to be a gamer in order to enjoy FIFA. Any body with a great reflexes and coordination should be able to understand and play.

So when I am not busy crushing opposition on the field, I am busy trying no to get defeated in a World Cup on FIFA. I paly FIFA on my PC. I have a good 1440p gaming monitor that is hooked to a decent enough CPU.

You don’t need to have an extremely high end gaming rig in order support FIFA.

Can FiFa make you Better at Actual Football?

Believe it or not. I ask this question every time I fire up that game and play with my buddies. Would playing FIFA help me perform better on the field. I strongly believe that it would and it does.

The top down view that you follow on FIFA gives you a bird’s eye view perspective. You are better able to have a situational awareness if you look at yourself from a top down view.

In fact, sometime on the field, you do imagine yourself through a top down perspective. It then helps you decide where to run, how fast to run and in which position to get.

Since you I am so used to following a few tricks with Messi on FIFA and since I know the best route to follow for the goal, I can replicate the same moves on the field.

Although they rarely work, it does give me a different game style that is harder for the opponent to predict. That is what really matters. Well, I should not be overthinking it. A game is a game afterall.

Its funny because this questions has been asked by others too. Here.

How to Enjoy Football at Home the Best Way Possible?

So you are one of the people who likes to sit at home and enjoy football on a TV? That is quite understandable given the fact that not all of us have means to go and watch the matches live in the stadium.

Although there is not experience like that, watching it on TV or your monitor is as close as you can get to it.

To make your experience worthwhile, you need to pay important consideration to two important components.

  • Display
  • Sound

Watching on TV vs Monitor

So let us talk about how you can make your experience the most life like. For starters, visual is the most important thing to consider. After all, you need to feel like you are looking at the real stuff.

For that the most important choice to consider is whether to get a TV or a monitor. They both have merits and de-merits. TVs are large, inexpensive (if you compare the same size) and have built in sound system.

Monitors, on the other hand, are expensive but have better visual quality.

The choice here depends upon how much budget you have and how far you would be sitting. I personally sit right next to the scree. Therefore, I own an IPS monitor that has some of the most beautiful colors imaginable.

If I were to sit far, then I would probably invest in a TV.

The ultimate option is to go for something like 50 inch Curved Samsung QLED TV. But they are ridiculously expensive.

Sound System

If you have TV chances are that it can support 5.1 surround sound. However, if you have a monitor, you need to make sure that your set top box has a 5.1 support.

Yes, I stress the fact that you do need to invest in a 5.1 surround sound system in order to experience football the best way possible.

There are other things that you can look into like lighting, cooling etc, but for the majority of the people, display and the sound are two of the most important aspects.

What is a Great Diet for Atheletes?

athletic diet
Living a healthy life is a must for an athlete. It is more so important if you are a footballer. A footballer not only needs to amass skills, he/she also needs to be in the best of conditions in terms of health. A footballer is a sprinter, long distance runner, and a high jumper all together. That is without disregarding the years of footwork skill it takes to master.

Therefore, it only makes sense to have an extraordinary healthy diet.

Food is the Greatest Pleasures of Life

Do you eat to live or live to eat? You may have heard this cliched term several times; however, athletes have to ponder upon this question every single time they grab a bite of some extra carbs. Yes, eating is amazing. We all love food; however, an athlete needs to make sure that he/she is in the best form for the game or practice the next day. Eating a certain thing too much today can hamper your performance tomorrow. Not drinking too much water and forgetting to hydrate yourself efficiently can give you headaches which in turn can affect your performance.

Therefore, the skills, the workout is just one piece of the puzzle to your overall performance. The biggest difference that can affect your physical and mental well being is the food that you eat. Fortunately for you, there are tons of free information available. Not all of us have access to high quality trainers and dietitians. Some of us have to make do with what is available to us.

Information Overload on the Internet

Although too much information can also confuse you some time. For example some trainers would advise eating as much as you want and then burning it off with either cycling, running or swimming. Other will tell you to follow a very strict regime.

So what is the true way. Well, the best way would be utilize your brain with the internet. You should not blindly follow anything that is on the internet. If anything has the potential to damage your health stay away from it. If anything is too good to be true, it most certainly is – especially if it is on the internet.

I personally read on the internet, eat a healthy diet and then burn it off by doing cardio. I play football but I also have a hybrid bike that I use to burn a cheat snack that I crave to eat.

It all about the balance. Do not deny yourself from having to eat what you like. Just be mindful of not too overly indulge and be sure to burn it off.

The infographic above by bengreenfieldfitness.com is an example of wonderful information that you can find on the internet if you look hard enough.

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